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Cantebury Kitchens offers a variety of cabinet lines to fit any need!


Cantebury Kitchens offers a variety of cabinet lines to fit any need. Below we breakdown the types of cabinetry and some key things to consider when thinking about your next project! 

Stock: Set sizes, accessories, door styles, wood species and stain colors are offered. Some stock lines offer limited upgrades and modifications at an upcharge. A great option if you are wanting something standard and straightforward. 

Semi-Custom: Semi-Custom refers again to the options available. Semi-Custom offers more wood species, door styles, finishes, accessories, and limited modifications, along with a higher grade of materials and finishing. If you have a few specific requests or want the ability to choose a special color, these lines are a great option.

Full-Custom: Fully customizable and an ability to create almost any cabinet we can dream up. If your kitchen is a unique shape or you would like a specific functionality, a full-custom line is the best option. Full-Custom again offers more wood species, finishes, door styles, and accessories. Along with the ability to customize these offerings, Full-Custom traditionally offers the highest quality of finish and materials that you will find. If you have a unique space, want a unique finish, or a cabinet to fit a specific need, these lines will have the best offering. 

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